What Data are Collected?

Marine Industry News holds email addresses and in some cases names and / or company names. MailChimp is used by Marine Industry News to store and manage this data. A copy of MailChimp’s privacy policy can be found on its website. www.mailchimp.com/legal/privacy/

How are the Data Used?

Email addresses, names and / or company names, are solely used for sending email newsletters. These newsletters may contain advertising and marketing information, including job advertisement details.

Newsletter distribution occurs once a day. A second ‘newsflash’ email may occasionally be sent if a particular news item is considered urgent.

Data are not used for any other purposes. Data are not sent or sold to other 3rdparty companies or individuals.

How can I update my information, or unsubscribe?

Each newsletter contains an option to update the information held, or unsubscribe.

For further information contact Marine Industry News via email on info@marineindustrynews.co.uk

Policy last updated 01 May 2019